3 common uses of video multiplexers

3 common uses of video multiplexers

A video multiplexer is a device that lets you use a single display unit for connecting multiple input devices. These input devices could be other computers or even recording and surveillance devices like cameras. With the video multiplexer hdmi unit incorporated into these systems, you can enjoy a more practical setup. Here are three places where a video multiplexer is commonly used.

Home security systems

This is one place where a device like a video multiplexer looks like a practical option to bring down the setup cost. You might have several indoor security cameras installed in a home. To create a common display unit for them all, you can make use of a video multiplexer that has an HDMI port. Most of the monitors available today support HDMI output for better clarity. So to cut the clutter and provide organized monitoring, video multiplexers can be used in home security installations.

Surveillance units in commercial buildings

Similar to the home security setup, surveillance units in larger establishments like commercial buildings can be simplified with the help of multiplexers. Traditional units can only allow up to four camera inputs. This means you will have to increase the number of display units when you increase the number of cameras. Accessories like video multiplexers provide cost-cutting in essential areas. They are used to bring to one place a large number of camera inputs. Some of them also support multiple outputs to extend the display to two monitors. This can even be handy if you have two small-sized monitors instead of a single large-sized one.

Gaming and other applications

Finally, another popular application of a video multiplexer HDMI device is a home entertainment system. Instead of choosing a different monitor for each device at home, video multiplexers with HDMI input and output options allow you to connect gaming consoles, DVD players, cameras, laptops, computers, and more, to a single display. If you have a large-sized television that you would like to use as a common display for these devices, then a multiplexer will help you set up that whole system.

With the many applications of a video multiplexer HDMI device, you will find it to be a worthy investment. There are many configurations available in this segment today, making it easy to find the right kind of accessory for your requirements. Depending on the type of input devices and number of inputs, you can choose the one that is the most compatible with your existing system.