3 best cities that have commendable public transportation

3 best cities that have commendable public transportation

Public transport can be a hassle, but there’s no way you can avoid it. There are several pictures on the Internet that show people squeezing themselves into overcrowded subway trains or buses. Though you might not like it, the subway trains are what will get you to your work in time. You cannot always take your car to work if the particular part of the city is notorious for its traffic, and hailing a cab in such slow-moving traffic can prove to be quite expensive.

Contrary to what you believe, not every city has this problem with its public transport, some cities are incredibly popular for their seamless public transportation. Take a look at some of these cities that boast of hassle-free public transport.

Washington, D.C
The general public in Washington, D.C relies heavily on the buses and below-ground subways. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority manages public transport in the DC area skillfully and the subway system, known as the Metro or Metrorail, boasts of over 200 million trips per year. Moreover, the buses handle another 130 trips every year. The transit system performs a herculean task of managing numerous travelers with great efficiency.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco is the home to the historic cable cars that run daily up and down the city’s steep hills. Though the city retains only 3 of its 23 cable car lines, the majority of people using the cable cars are mostly tourists. This is because the locals have found a better way of commuting to work or other places with buses and commuter trains that are controlled by Bay Rapid Transit (BART). Moreover, the San Francisco Municipal Railway maintains a continuous availability of buses and light rail trains that handles more than 220 million passenger rides every year.

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston is one of the cities in the country that has managed to build a commendable transportation system for itself. The public transportation is managed by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and the primary modes of transportation are a subway system called the T by locals. It consists of five separate lines and an extensive network of bus routes, which together handle about 390 million rides per year.

These cities are free from the nagging traffic, and commuters have nothing to complain about. Some consider it plausible enough to go packing to these amazing, stress-free cities.

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