PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything you need to know

PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything you need to know

PlayStation is a revolutionary milestone that has broadened and improved the gaming experience. From the era of gaming arcades to gaming cassettes that we would plug into the consoles, the gaming experience has evolved more towards giving the user a virtual reality based experience. PlayStation by Sony offers its latest contribution to the gaming world, PlayStation 4 Pro.

Let’s have a look into some of its experience-enhancing features.

The older version of PS4 stays
The launch of new PlayStation 4 pro does not put an end to the production of the older versions. The gamers can still choose to buy the older version of the PlayStation 4. Its Pro version has been launched to enhance the gaming experience with more powerful PlayStation 4 console. It depends on the gamers to stick to their budget and buy the older versions.

No need to buy or download separate games for the PlayStation 4 Pro
That’s right, all the games that you had bought to play on the earlier version of the PlayStation 4, will work on PlayStation 4 Pro console too. It will be the same core experience, but would probably look more dramatic on a PlayStation4 Pro console.

Experience the 4k reality in gaming
Yes, Sony PlayStation 4 pro has a feature that allows its games to be upscaled to 4k resolution. This allows the gamers to experience gaming on 4k screen. While, all the other PlayStation 4 editions are getting an HDR support upgrade in their latest firmware upgrade. PlayStation 4 Pro too comes with HRD support and HDR lighting.

No Blu-Rays
While the PlayStation 4 console supports Netflix and YouTube apps to stream 4k media (about 600 hours of 4k that is), it does not support Blu-Ray disks. That’s one of the disadvantage as some gaming consoles of other gaming brands do offer Blue-Ray disk options.

Say hello to Virtual Reality
The new and improved GPU (Graphical processor Unit) of the PS4 Pro offers VR at better frame rates and added detail.

1080P benefits
Don’t have a 4K TV? Fret not! PlayStation 4 Pro console has a new and improved GPU that offers detailed visual effects, sharpened textures even at 1080 pixels

Sony offers the PlayStation 4 Pro console with a 1 TB hard drive. It is priced anywhere between $450 to $500.