13 useful tips to buy a washing machine

13 useful tips to buy a washing machine

Are you planning to buy a new washing machine or replace an existing one? As washing machines are a long-term investment, it is essential to buy only after researching thoroughly. Also, it would help if you considered your needs, and checked out the perfect washing machine for your home. However, selecting the appropriate model may be challenging with multiple options. Here are a few useful tips to make washing machine shopping easier and more productive.

Types of washing machines
The most obvious thing to check out first while buying a washing machine is selecting the type of washing machine you want for your home. There are two types of washing machines: front-load and top-load.

Front-load washing machines
In these washing machines, the door of the washer is on the front side of the machine. They spin faster, extract more water from the clothes, and use less water during a cycle. These machines are more efficient and environmentally friendly. However, these tend to be at a slightly higher price.

Top-load washing machines
Top-load washing machines have lesser features as compared to front-load ones. In these machines, you don’t get the ease of reaching in to grab the clothes easily; instead, you need to bend or squat down to do the same. They also use more water and energy. However, they are a little less expensive than the front-load ones.

Consider the amount of space you have in your laundry room to place the washing machine. In addition to placing the appliance, you also need room to open its door completely.

Depending on the space you have for your washing machine, you need to pay attention to the size of it, where the dimension varies from 24 to 44 inches.

Next, check out the features you need in your washing machines, such as standard to regular wash cycles, water levels, temperature control, etc.

Performance and efficiency
While buying a washing machine, it is essential to check its performance and energy efficiency. If you compare front-load and top-load washing machines, the former is a win-win.

Before buying a washing machine, make sure to check out the price range of different machines. Generally, in the country, the prices of washing machines may cost around $250 to $2100.

Special features
Auto dispense
Some of the new washing machines have smart dispense technology. Here, the machine comes with a soap reservoir that automatically dispatches the required amount of detergent.

Multi washer tub
Nowadays, washing machines with dual washers or multiple washers are popular. It helps you to undergo multiple washing cycles simultaneously.

Built-in sink or faucet
Few washing machines have built-in sinks. This feature is useful for someone who has a smaller sink in their laundry.

Sound dampening
Checking for a sound-dampening washing machine may help you reduce extra noise.

Energy ratings
Make sure to check out the energy ratings while buying a washing machine. Regarding high energy efficiency, front-load models are ideal for saving water and electricity.

While buying any appliance, checking out for warranties is imperative. As for washing machines, you can ask for extended warranty from the dealers. 

Where to shop
There are plenty of choices of where you can buy washing machines. You can browse around electronic stores, home improvement stores, hypermarkets, wholesale markets, and even online retailers.