10 home remedies to reduce body odor

10 home remedies to reduce body odor

Having body odor is bad, but trying to suppress it with deodorants and perfumes without even knowing how to get rid of body odor can only worsen your problem. Below are 10 home remedies to keep your body odor away.

Good hygiene
If you keep yourself clean, there will be no bacteria and fungus on your skin. This may certainly help you to deal with body odor effectively.

Witch Hazel
Lowering the pH level of your body can give you freedom from body odor. In this regard, Witch Hazel can work as a body odor treatment because it balances body pH levels.

Wheat grass juice
Mix two tablespoon of wheat grass juice with 1 cup of water and drink it every morning. If you have a strong body odor, then drinking this can certainly help you.

Homemade deodorizers
By mixing sage, pine, lavender and coriander oil, you can make a homemade deodorizer that will help you to deal with body odor. Body odor treatments need not always be artificial or chemically made. The ones made at home can also be effective in getting rid of body odor.

A healthy diet
Healthy eating will give a boost to your metabolism. This leads to a reduction in body odor.

Fiber clothing
Wearing cotton clothing can be one of the best body odor treatments. If a person has a foul body smell, then it is good to wear clothes made with natural fibers as they absorb perspiration better and helps keep the body cool.

White vinegar
Vinegar is another good home remedy using which you can control pH levels of your body. You can add a small cup of white vinegar in water and use this water to bathe.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil contains antiseptic properties that help to reduce fungus and germs from your body. Thus it is one of the best body odor treatments too.

Celery is beneficial for getting rid of bad odor as they help the body rid of toxins.

Lemon extract
Enriched with vitamin C, lemon extract is one of the best body odor treatments. Besides maintaining your body pH levels, lemon extract helps to heal your skin internally.

With regular use, these body odor treatments can help you feel fresh all day long.