10 Best Smartphones Available in the Market

10 Best Smartphones Available in the Market

What are 10 best smartphones available today? Many people are searching for a convincing answer to this question. Here are the best smartphones available in the market today:

iPhone 8 Plus: iPhone 8 Plus is undauntedly one of the most awaited smartphones in 2017. Some people are of the opinion that the size of this device makes it tricky to hold but this beautiful 5.5-inch device is one of the most dynamic among the 10 best smartphones available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8: It is one of the top 10 best smartphones you can purchase these days. It is a highly powerful device and capable of taking beautiful pictures. The versatility and flexibility of this device can be described as pretty amazing which makes the user experience worth the price he or she has paid.

LG G6: If you are searching for a screen-centric stunner, this is the model that you need to buy. LG has always been a frontrunner in the smartphone manufacturing industry and the introduction of super skinny bezel to the mainstream has caught the attraction of many people. The camera also deserves a special mention.

Sony Xperia XZ premium: Sony, a reputable name in the area of smartphone manufacturing has come up with a sophisticated device that fulfills all the promises in terms of performance and the quality of camera. This device is one of the fast selling devices in the world these days earning itself a name in 10 best smartphones list.

Google Pixel: It is needless to say that Google Pixel stands as tall as iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8. The camera quality is pretty amazing and the software and virtual assistant works perfectly well with the hardware. Google has done many things right and you can find a great smartphone ifor the deal.

HTC U11: This wonderful smartphone comes in a sexy and elegant glass and metal casing. Performance, battery life and camera quality can compete with any smartphone in the world and the squeezable edges can be described as an excellent innovation. Several people have appreciated the user friendliness of this device and it is definitely worth considering when you are shopping for a high quality smartphone.

Honor 9: This device has a solid design and the camera quality is pretty decent as well. Honor 9 is equipped with high end specifications and the pricing can be described as affordable. This cellphone offers the best value for money.

Lenovo P2: If you are searching for a pretty smartphone, you can certainly choose Lenovo P2. The battery life of this device is quite extensive and the display features are also excellent. The solid UI design has won the appreciation of a large number of people and Lenovo has come up with an affordable package as well.

Motorola Moto X Force: It is known as a refreshing smartphone and the unbreakable screen works as a motivational factor for purchasing this phone. The specifications are also really powerful and you can associate good battery life with this device. The casing is rugged and it is capable of withstanding rough use.

OnePlus 5: It is one of the fast selling mobile phones in the world. The HD screen is a good one and the finger print sensor works in a stunningly fast manner. The compatibility of the software is really appreciable and the pricing can be described as reasonable. This premium build smartphone is definitely worth a buy and a mention in the 10 best smartphones list.

When you are looking for top 10 best smartphones available in the market, you have to realize that these are the 10 best options available in the market and you can choose a suitable one based on your exclusive needs and budget.